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Joel Osteen preaching a prosperity message at Lakewood Church

Today Christians are filling their heads with all sorts of dangerous, soul-darkening things. When last night’s Grammys openly mocked God by staging satanic rituals (thanks Katy Perry), and officiating homosexual marriages (thanks, Queen Latifah), many “Christians” cheered. And when “pastor” Joel Osteen twists Scripture and preaches a completely different Gospel, millions send him money.  What’s more harmful?  It’s like choosing between poison or a noose. We’re going to compare Osteen’s version of the bible to the real Bible. As for the Grammys, we’ll ask you to simply compare this entertainment with 1 John (or any other Scripture).

On a brighter note, we are starting the program interviewing Bob Sorenson, a man who is dedicated to sharing the truth of Scripture and creation.

Today’s Episode:

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