pollToday we’re taking a little poll on fellowship and communion in the church: is it a “filler” or a feast?  How often does your church celebrate communion? What would your preference be? We’ll share your comments in the 2nd segment today.

One of the issues we cover here is the National Education Association’s attempt to secularize students and reshape their worldviews. Tied in with that agenda is the Common Core curriculum and standards, and we have a collection of interviews, resources and alarming news stories on our website that you’ll want to research so that you know how teachers in classrooms across the nation are being pressured to conform – and no, not all teachers want to.

Joining us for this discussion is someone who has been sounding the alarm about national Common Core standards and curriculum. Kyle Olson is publisher and founder of EAGnews.org dedicated to education reform. Kyle is a contributor to TownHall.Com and has written a book titled,Indoctrination: How Useful Idiots Are Using Our Schools To Subvert American Exceptionalism.

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