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This week we have been concentrating on Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness.” I can think of no more appropriate Bible verse to explain what we see happening in our world today.

As I read and pray on this message from God, I apply it to two different sets of people—the lost of this world and those of us who profess to be born again believers in Jesus Christ.

First from the world’s perspective: Well this verse is hardly breaking news when it comes to the fallen world. The world has been embracing evil as good ever since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. When sin entered the world everything changed and sinful men will always look to justify himself over God. We will always do what pleases our flesh, justifying our actions as “good” in spite of everything the Word of God teaches. Adultery, murder, lying, cheating, stealing, homosexuality and even the sacrifice of innocent children occurred in the Old Testament and continue right on up to today. So none of us should be surprised, much less shocked, when we see sinful men promoting these evil things as “good”.

I mean really are we all that shocked when power hungry politicians and carnal men justify these things? What else are we to expect from sinners who cannot admit their guilt before a right and just God?

What does sadden me however is how this growing evil is being embraced by many who call themselves Christians and how many of our churches seem to be turning a blind eye to a growing form of Gnosticism within many professing Christians. Gnostics believe the Word of God is insufficient as truth and many also believe that sin is no longer an issue. Just find a “hidden knowledge and revelation” from God and do what you feel is right.

I believe this growth in Gnosticism is fueled by the preaching of an incomplete gospel which as Paul said is really no gospel at all. We are leaving out the critical “bookends” of the gospel. On the front we do not preach the sinful nature of man and the need to confess of it before a right and just God anymore. We just think we are basically good people and Jesus died to make us even better.

On the back end we do not teach that the Bible says the true born again believer must lead a life that looks nothing like the lives of sinful man. Our lives should be a journey where by the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God we become increasingly holy and pleasing to God. We are to be perfected for the day we stand before God in judgment; proclaimed pardoned because of our faith in Jesus Christ; and then spend eternity as the Bride of Jesus.

This does not mean we will not sin again in this lifetime. But it does mean that when we sin we are grieved with a Godly sorrow, wondering how we could continue to sin when God has forgiven us? We continue to confess our sins and repent, making every effort to avoid future sin by the power of the Holy Spirit.

But confessing our guilt and actually committing ourselves to leading lives holy and pleasing to God is simply too hard for us as spoiled little children. And quite frankly, the complete gospel message just doesn’t bode well if you are into “church growth”. We would rather swell in numbers by making people feel better about themselves instead of taking the command to become holy seriously. Never mind that the Bible tells us without holiness no one will see God—I’m sure God didn’t really mean that.

So good is being seen as evil and evil being seen as good more and more these days. This should not surprise as when we look at a world that hates God more and more with each passing day. But it should shock and sadden us when we as professing Christians do the very same thing. If the “church” continues to accept and even condone blatant unrepentant sin we are like the Pharisees Jesus called “the blind leading the blind”.

It is time to get back into the Word of God and learn about the hatred—yes hatred—God has for unrepentant sin. And to understand that he is eternally right and just—and His justice, when enforced, will have serious eternal consequences for those who ignore just how offensive unrepentant sin is to Him.