Courtesy of Illinois Family Institute

Courtesy of Illinois Family Institute

It looks like the podcast recording issue is solved! Today we are looking at a fresh perspective on everything from the southern border situation to a new Matthew Vines development on Evangelicals pushing his “Reformation Project” from their pulpits. Hang on – it might get bumpy!

Scott Alan Buss joins us again today. He is the author of several books including a new one titled The Beginning of Knowledge: Christ as Truth in Apologetics, and his latest articles are: Corporate “Mark of the Beast” Rollout Continues  and, American Pride and Romans 1 Cheeseburgers.

Stand Up For The Truth is a radio and online ministry that covers news of the day, trends in the church and theological issues that Christians deal with and talk about every day, and we give you a place to be educated, equipped and connected to help you discern along the way. But most importantly, we point you to Christ Jesus as our Savior, and His Word – the Scriptures, as the truth that you can depend on. In fact, you should filter everything you read, hear and consume as a believer – including what you find on this program – through the Scriptures to see if it lines up.

Today’s Episode:

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