Life Promotions has announced that artist Michael Gungor has pulled out of the event, Power of One, a Christian youth training event in which the band Gungor was scheduled to perform October 8.

Here is an excerpt from the statement posted on the Power of One site:

I received word from him this week that he is voluntarily pulling out of Power of One due to the controversy. He wrote, “I’m sorry this has hurt you,” and he shared his longing for unity in the Body of Christ and his support of the mission of Power of One.

Lenz called for respectful dialog and has told his supporters that he is taking up a collection for the Gungor family.    Read entire letter here.

As you know, our radio station pulled out of the event – not to be uncivil to Gungor – but because we did not want to be a part of an organization that has decided after praying to God to continue to hold up a celebrity that would confuse youth about Jesus Christ.

Michael Gungor’s PR Rep, Hunter Frederick, shared with me this statement:

hunter frederick statement.

As for his part, Michael Gungor is expressing frustration over the fallout resulting from stating that he does not believe the Bible’s Book of Genesis literally, and that Jesus could have been wrong when He spoke about it to His disciples, or He could even have been deliberately misleading them because of their limited understanding. (see related articles)

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