UPDATE: 11-4-14   Please continue to pray for our dear friend Caryl, as her body heals. She is resting and healing back at her California home, but the process is slow and painful. I spoke with Caryl this weekend, and she has asked for prayer for comfort as she fights through incredible pain surrounding her injuries. Caryl is leaning heavily on the Lord for His peace as she contends with a body that will most likely never do the activities she did, like play tennis every day. She may have a surgery or two in her future. We ask that you lift her up in spirit and truth, that God will show her His immense love as she waits on Him. Caryl also has asked that we lift up her friend Jean who has received a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Good news: Her film, Wide is the Gate III is in the final stages of editing and will be launched soon – we’re praying for November!

UPDATE: 9-23-14  Please pray for Caryl as she prepares for reconstructive surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8:30 a.m.  We’re not sure how long she’ll be in recovery or when she can go back to her temporary home near Madison. We do know that she will continue to be in Wisconsin for a while yet. The other big question is insurance coverage, which is looming as the bills pile up.  But Caryl is in terrific spirits and is praising God all the way through. She thanks you all again for your continued prayers for her.

UPDATE: 9-19-14  “I KNOW the prayers of saints from all over the world are being answered in my recovery process! His Tender Mercies are new EVERY morning evening and night!”  Caryl says she is getting stronger day by day, and  “better looking as my body bruising changes colors like the autumnal leaves all around me!”  We are so incredibly thankful for Caryl’s healing. Her swelling continues to subside and doctors are hoping to have her in for some reconstructive surgery next week. Caryl says the intensity of her pain is lessening as well. Please continue to pray for her as she recovers.

Caryl Matrisciana (center) with Amy and Mike

Caryl Matrisciana (center) with Amy and Mike

UPDATE 9-16-14 Via Johanna Michaelsen: “I spoke this afternoon with Caryl Matrisciana. She is in terrible pain, but filled with faith and grateful to be alive. She told me how profoundly touched she has been by all the expressions of love and concern since word of her accident got out. Please do continue to intercede for her! She especially requested prayer that her insurance will allow her to stay where she is until after her surgery. At present they are insisting she travel back to California for it, but the surgery to repair the bones in her face must be performed by this Friday and she is simply in no condition to get on a plane at this stage!”

UPDATE 9-12-14  Caryl has been released from the hospital, and will stay in Wisconsin as she heals enough to be able to fly home to California in a few weeks.

UPDATE 9-12-14  Caryl has made remarkable improvement! Yesterday she was able to walk, which will help her recovery mightily. The swelling has gone down considerably, and she is looking forward to being released from the hospital soon. She will not be able to fly home until the bones in her face have healed completely though, so she’ll be taken care of here in Wisconsin by her friend. We all agree that this rapid healing is nothing short of God’s miraculous work! Praise Him!

UPDATE 9-10-14: I arrived at UW Hospital a few hours ago. Caryl is chatting with me a little but stll in and out.  She is stable and improving in some respects…she appreciates your prayers as I’ve been reading them to her. What an amazing woman she is.   – Amy

Please join us in lifting up prayers for our friend Caryl Matrisciana, who was with us just days ago at the 2014 Great Lakes Prophecy Conference. Caryl is in a Madison, Wisconsin hospital with injuries after a serious bicycle accident.

I’ve been talking with Caryl’s friend Dana, who was at the conference, and who is now at Caryl’s side. Dana tells me that within the last hour Caryl has been moved out of ICU and into a private room where doctors continue to evaluate her condition. Caryl has serious injuries, including some bleeding on the brain from three fractures around her eye, temple and nose area. The good news is that there is not any additional bleeding from this triangular fracture, and Caryl is able to speak and is resting comfortably. She also has contusions and other injuries. Her healing will be a long journey.

The accident happened yesterday evening in Lake Mills, near Dana’s home. The two had gone for a bike ride to see the sunset when Caryl lost control of her bike on a hill near the lake.

Lighthouse Trails blog first reported the accident:

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Film maker and Lighthouse Trails author, Caryl Matrisciana (Out of India), has been in a serious bicycle accident and was airlifted to a Wisconsin hospital where she is in ICU being treated for external injuries and under observation for any possible internal injuries. They are particularly watching for any cranial pressure or brain bleed. Caryl is conscious and aware of what has happened. Please pray for her during this time for a full recovery. Caryl is in the middle of production for Volume 3 of the Wide is the Gate documentary series that exposes the deception of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), Word/Faith, lying signs and wonders movement that has been gaining momentum in recent years. You can follow updates about Caryl’s condition on her website.

We will update you as news of her condition is announced.