Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 4.43.04 PMMost of the world will celebrate this as something exciting and cutting-edge. Those who don’t like it will be Targeted as haters.

The retail giant Target has released a new promotional advertisement that features two lesbian women who are preparing a room for the arrival of a child.

“Baby Digs: The Magic of Space” was posted to YouTube on October 1st, and has already obtained over 22,000 views—as well as a lot of controversy.

“I’m Amanda, and I’m Cat,” the ad begins. “And we’re having a baby!”

“We don’t know what the gender is yet, but we are really excited to find out,” Cat states.

“I hope that baby has Cat’s talent, and I hope it has [Amanda’s] quick wit,” the women remark to each other.


Good grief.  Read the rest of the article by Heather Clark over at Christian News Network.