Discern fork in the road

Many people ask us, “why do you need to warn people about these false teachers? What if you just focused on what you are for, and just on Jesus?” But Jesus told us to discern, and the Bible also says we need to be aware of the schemes of the enemy.

Today we’re talking about discernment, and why it has disappeared from modern teachings in the visible church. Where does lack of discernment lead?  Because we didn’t warn our youth ministries a decade ago about the teachings  of Pastor Rob Bell’s Nooma videos and his books, he departed biblical Christianity and took a whole bunch of young people with him – and now he will have a whole new way to lead his followers into the very Hell he denies. The Rob Bell Show is debuting on Oprah Winfrey’s television network in less than three weeks.

Can we prevent the yeast of false teachers and celebrity authors from infecting the church?  Yes, if pastors teach their sheep how to discern between right and almost right.

Pastor Randy White from Randy White Ministries in Katy, Texas, wrote an interesting article titled, Why Discernment Has Disappeared, and he is here to talk with us about how he equips his sheep.

Today’s Episode:

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Dr. White has been the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Katy, Texas since August, 2003.  He and his wife, Shelley, have been married 25 years and have two grown children.Dr. White hosts an excellent Thursday evening Bible Study online that you can do here.

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