We all want to share the light of Christ in a dark world. But these days, is there a line you draw when deciding whom you partner with to do it? And if so, where is it?

We’d all like pastors and Christian conference speakers to be discerning about partnerships and venues. What about Christian music performers?

A couple days ago we shared a Lighthouse Trails article about an online music concert happening tonight.  It’s an internet event  featuring 33 of the most popular, well-loved Contemporary Christian Musical Artists, and hosted by Roma Downey.

The event is called “We Will Stand “United,” with the tagline: “One Message, Many Voices.’” It’s being called ‘The Greatest Night In Contemporary Christian Music,” and there could be over a million viewers with a potential reach globally of 40 million.

Are there valid reasons why people are so concerned about this?

Chris Quintana joins us to discuss this with us today. He is senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California. You can listen to his live sermons each Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening as he teaches verse-by-verse through the Scriptures.

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