surveillanceIf you think that no one but conspiracy theorists talk about cyber terrorism and global surveillance, you would be mistaken. In fact, that was the very topic discussed at the World Economic Forum called Davos, where the world’s top minds and leaders convene every January.

The reality is that we’re all being watched via a growing number of channels: Drones flying the friendly skies, full-body scanners at airports, cameras on every major street corner, and recently President Obama announced the next phase of government national surveillance – with a budget of billions. It’s called the “National Strategy for Biosurveillance.” But, don’t worry, it’s for your good!

Worried yet? If you’re a Christian, this kind of secret surveillance indeed has some ramifications for you.

Our guest today has been watching those who watch us for many years.   Mary Danielsen joins us in studio. You can find her reports on the high-tech influences used by world governments to keep tabs on its citizens. She shares this on her The Things to Come blog. (Check out her latest article titled, WASHINGTON’S NEW MASSIVE SNOOPING PLAN – “BIOSURVEILLANCE)

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