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I’m no prophet, but I predict that there will be a lot more talking about blood moons being a sign of something huge, thanks to Pastor John Hagee’sbook “Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change,” which heralds a “rare lunar phenomenon” that he believes could be God’s way of sending prophetic signs to humanity.

Books like these and now a movie coming in March that point us to the moon are a sign alright, that people are excited to embrace something outside of Scripture rather than Scripture itself. The big screen movie release is a dramatic interpretation of a rare series of four total lunar eclipses — also known as “blood moons” — landing on Jewish holidays in 2014 and 2015. Hagee believes that it’s important to focus on these lunar events, calling them “God’s billboard.” Hagee believes “God has been sending signals to earth, and we haven’t been picking them up.”

On this I agree. We haven’t been picking up the Bible nearly as much as we should be.  Alas, Hagee isn’t admonishing Christians to read the Bible, but to stare at the moon.

Biblically, the Blood Moons theory does not hold up. Hagee’s theory has been debunked* here and here – many other places as well.

(*Thank you to the caller – whoever you are – who steered me straight on a link I had previously included to a YouTube ministry that isn’t biblically sound. It has been removed!)

Here is the trailer for Four Blood Moons, followed by an excellent article from Got Questions Ministries.