(“Pitiable Capitulating Pro-Family Leaders, Part II”)

Pro Family

Before the term pro-family was hijacked by liberals (evangelical was also hijacked) supporters were largely made up from conservative Protestants, Roman Catholics, Mennonites, Mormons, Muslims, and Jews, naming just a few.  For the sake of the country, religious conservatives agreed to set aside their differences and pull together a grass roots movement of concerned citizens.  These folks put their money where their mouth is in an all out effort to win elections.  Their hope was that the politicians they elected would return America to “one nation under God.”  Unfortunately, it didn’t much matter to pro-family leaders (LIE-celebs) which god their supporters bowed to as long as participants held conservative values and went to the polls.

A recent example of conservatives uniting to win elections is the 2014 national election.  To the surprise of many, Republicans won in a landslide.  Now that the GOP has been given a mandate it’ll be interesting to see if pitiable capitulating conservative politicians will get anything done or if they’ll continue to cling to their fear of man.

But this series (part 1) is not about pitiable capitulating conservative politicians – we pretty much know what we can expect from them if recent history is an indicator.  What it’s about is pitiable capitulating LIE-celebs who believe that the only way to cure America of its social ills is to join forces with other religions (ecumenical ventures) to fight the encroachment of Secular Humanism into the culture.  Seems like a selfless goal, doesn’t it? But the problem is that when Christians unite with other religions, politicians, entertainers, cultists, and knowingly prop up false teachers, guess what happens?  Compromise!  And when Christians compromise for any reason, the gospel gets compromised.  As a result, the waters have become muddied and evangelicalism has lost its distinctiveness.

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