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The Christian Church in America is under increasing pressure to compromise with and conform to the “values” of this fallen, sinful world.  While it is no surprise that the world hates the Christian Church, it is alarming how many who profess to be Christians within the church seem to be active or passive participants in the movement to make Christianity into something the Bible tells us it is not–a place for unrepentant and even proud sinners.

What will it take for Christian leaders to stand up and say “No more” to a world bent on infiltrating and destroying the Church?  Today we look at the many movements and false teachings infiltrating the visible church and ask this question: Do our Christian leaders have the courage and conviction to stand up for the truth of God’s Word as the world pressures them to be silent or conform?

Our two guests today are James K Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship, and David Fiorazo, jauthor of a new book, “The Cost of Our Silence“.

Today’s Episode:

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