PR ChristianNewswireIn light of the recent Supreme Court decision to make same-sex marriage the law of the land, a few strong pastors are making biblical public statements affirming God’s Word in the matter, and taking a stand based on what He says rather than what the world says. If your church or ministry hasn’t done that yet, have you prayed? Have you studied Scripture for your statement? Or are you waiting for the right PR message promising a solution to help you Come Out?

Come out?  That’s an interesting term – used twice in a news release – by someone who specializes in massaging words and crafting messages using just the right words.

In an advertisement for his Public Relations services, Hunter Frederick posted a news release on ChristianNewswire (a PR subscription outlet for news release distribution), that encourages pastors to give him a call.

Mr. Frederick has been targeting rather famous folks in the church realm as clients. Last year Frederick made news when he became Christian pop-artist Michael Gungor’s rep when Gungor denied the truth of the Bible, and recently met with – and rejected – the Duggar family as a client during their own recent crisis. I have a few questions, which I’ll ask in a moment.

First, ere is the PR ChristianNewswire’s release from Frederick & Associates:

Faith-Based Crisis Management Firm Helps Pastors “Come Out”

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Crisis management and public relations firm, Frederick & Associates, is at the forefront in helping churches prepare and handle crises and emergencies. With the recent legalization of homosexual marriage, Frederick & Associates is helping pastors and churches communicate their concerns, sexuality and even working with pastors directly on how to communicate the recent Supreme Court ruling with their congregation.

Hunter Frederick, President of Frederick & Associates said: “While we all may have varying opinions on the Supreme Court ruling, the need to communicate these opinions in a loving and biblical manner is critical. We have already been contacted by several pastors on how to ‘come out’ to their congregation and how to prepare elder boards and church leadership on proper management and communication.”

Question for Frederick:  Why use the word “come out” twice? What message are you really sending?  Question for all PR reps offering these services: What makes you think you know more about what the Bible says than your pastoral clients? Question for pastors: If your PR firm knows more about the Bible than you do, you might want to consider a different vocation.