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Bolstered by the sad decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that legalized homosexual “marriage”, secular progressives are pressing their temporary advantage, doing all they can to suppress and silence the voices of Christian churches and ministries.  They’ve found an ally in the court system and an opponent (Christians) who seem apathetic as a whole.

Are we reaching a crucial tipping point where our freedom to share the gospel and proclaim Jesus Christ are being threatened?  Dave Fiorazo and I will be sharing the news of the day as secularists continue their campaign to silence the Church.

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Also, there is a growth in what are called “Discernment Ministries” popping up online these days.  But can we go too far and get out of balance when we claim to “discern” the actions of other professing believers?  How do we contend for the faith without becoming mean spirited and slandering other believers we disagree with?

Join us this morning at 9am Central as we share the news of the day and tackle the tough question of discernment.