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Every four years Americans are given a choice between several political candidates to choose from as our next President.  And of course every one of them promises to “make America great again”.  As Christians we are, of course, to follow Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, He is not on the ballot.  So how do we balance the difficult line of politics and Christian values?

We know every candidate is flawed and falls short of God’s standards.  The question we are asking you to chime in on today is this:  Are there particular issues and views that a candidate must hold before you would vote for him or her?  What are the issues you cannot accept compromise on when voting for a candidate?

We will also cover national and world news that affects Christians, including an historic “air attack” of Bibles descending upon North Korea.

Scott Alan Buss joins us this morning for what should be a robust conversation.

Scott is a frequent guest and one of our writers on Stand Up For The Truth. Scott’s articles are also on his Fire Breathing Christian website. Scott’s books include, Fire Breathing Christians, Apathetic Christianity, and The Beginning of Knowledge: Christ as Truth in Apologetics.



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