sin in the camp

Jesus warned us sternly that no man can serve two masters–God and money.  That ultimately a man would choose to love one and hate the other.  And as Christians we can easily fool ourselves into thinking we are keeping money in its correct biblical perspective.

There are Word Faith televangelists racking up millions of dollars by preaching that God “wants to bless your socks off” with health and wealth.  Some Christians buy into the teaching and adamantly follow these people, just believing if they “have enough faith” God will grant us wealth we cannot imagine.

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Others see these televangelists as nothing more than masters of pyramid marketing–where the few at the top get wealthy, while thousands walk away disillusioned and poorer than when they began.

One thing cannot be denied–some of America’s most well known prosperity preachers are doing quite well for themselves with multi-million dollar mansions, fleets of luxury cars and private jets.  This morning on SUFTT, we discuss the “prosperity gospel movement” sweeping the world.  We are also joined in our first segment by Christian economist Doug Wakefield with Best Minds Inc. for his assessment on the Stock Market shaking of the past week.  Is this volatility the new normal?