John Rosemond

Parenting expert, family psychologist, best-selling author, public speaker

John Rosemond is the nation’s leading parenting expert and provides common-sense advice for raising your children. John is a nationally syndicated columnist, author and public speaker, delivering over 200 presentations annually to parents, teachers and professional groups. His audiences are left feeling empowered, educated and entertained.

A licensed family psychologist, John points out to all his audiences that “psychology has caused more problems than it has solved for American parents.” John’s mission is to be a counter-weight to the psychological parenting paradigm that was sold to America in the late 1960s/early 1970s, restore commonsense to the raising of children, and give parents the guidance needed to raise happy, well-mannered children who will, as adults, contribute value to culture and society.



Because I Said So Podcast

The field of Psychology has been booming for many decades as people try sorting out problems and understanding how to cope, all in an effort to make sense this life full of ups and downs.  At times, we all need to talk to someone to get some wise advice, but some within the field itself argue that modern Psychology does far more damage than good, and it may even be the cause of many of the problems we face these days.

One of these professionals is John Rosemond, whose credentials as a licensed Psychologist are among the best—yet John spends most of his time warning people about the dangers of Psychology. We talk with him today.

Then, in the second half of today’s podcast, we discuss a disappointing and heartbreaking article about former Christian music artists, Michael and Lisa Gungor, and how their faith in God apparently crumbled. Where are they now? What caused Michael, and eventually Lisa, to deny the truth of the full gospel? What does ‘living the way of Jesus’ rally mean when you don’t believe all of what He taught?

One thing we do know:

If our faith is not built on a solid foundation of Scripture, on the deity of Jesus and the inerrant Word of the only living God, we are headed for a fall.

“We were traveling the world and singing songs about God, and he didn’t believe any of it.” -Lisa Gungor

“I’m so grateful for the tragedy of losing faith because I think it was a necessary path. It was a path we had to be on.”

  • How do we prevent today’s youth from falling away from the Christian faith?
  • How do you know if a professing Christian artist really believes what they’re singing about?
  • How can we encourage pastors and church leaders to teach through the Bible, in context, from Genesis to Revelation?
  • How can we wake up the church to the reality of the powerful lure of culture where tolerance, open-mindedness, and emotions are looked at as the highest of virtues?
  • How do we warn others about apostasy without coming off as self-righteous?



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