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A very interesting question. Emergers tend to agree with traditional doctrinal statements, yet see scripture totally different at times. Chime in…

The guest on Crosstalk today was Deborah Dombrowski, founder of Lighthouse Trails Publishing and Lighthouse Trails Research.

This Crosstalk program looks at Dan Kimball, an influential author and pastor who has been part of the emerging church movement since its beginnings with Leadership Network.

Dan Kimball has an orthodox doctrinal statement, yet he continues to participate with the major false teachers of the emergent church movement. Is an orthodox doctrinal statement enough? How can someone who claims an orthodox doctrinal statement participate with, fellowship with and point others to those teaching doctrines of demons? Should biblical Christian leaders “dialog” with emergent leaders? These questions are addressed in part one of this two-day series on Bridgers – teachers who work to bridge the gap between biblical Christianity and the mystical doctrines of contemplative spirituality.