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The effects of climate change — coastal flooding, stronger storms, spreading vector-borne diseases like malaria, and changes in rainfall patterns — are already taking their toll on marginalized people from Pakistan, to Malawi, to New Orleans. And while efforts must be put towards staving the effects of climate change through political action and personal sacrifice, the effects of the current state of our planet are inevitable. It is time to push for preparedness and protection for the poorest, most vulnerable people on earth.

World leaders will gather in Cancun, Mexico starting November 29 to continue United Nations climate talks. Their decisions on whether and how to financially support low-income countries to adapt to climate change could mean the difference of life and death for millions across the globe.

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Our friends at Sojourners once again pushing for mandatory wealth distribution through world governments to “save the planet”. Is this “earth worship theology” or simply a continuation of their desire for a marxist theology and order?