Image by Ed Gaillard via Flickr

Islam is the second largest and fastest growing religion in the world—and it presents quite the dilemma and opportunity for us as Christians.  In spite of the growth of Islam in the US, where there are now more than 7 million Muslims, and the growing threat of radical Islamic terror, our churches don’t seem interested in discussing the issue head on.  So please allow me to do so.

Islam is a false religion.  Allah is not YHWH.  Emergent teachers would have us think otherwise, but when you compare the writings of the bible with the Koran, it is clear that Islam is a false religion.  Pastors like Rick warren are joining a movement to find common ground, stating that the religions have much in common.  In my reading and studies, the only thing I see in common between the two religions is the belief in ONE GOD.  Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ and that He died on the cross.  Islam places Jesus in the category of Moses, Elijah and others—as a prophet paving the way for Muhammad, Allah’s ultimate and final prophet.

The Koran, unlike the bible, is frought with inconsistencies and contradictions.  Do not be swayed by eloquent false teaching Christians who would have you believe there is compatibility between Islam and Christianity.

Now, what do we do about this?  First, our churches need to inform members about what Islam is and what it teaches.  If we do not understand and teach the differences, many will be swayed by the message to find common ground with Islam—and many will turn from the one true God and Jesus Christ, His Son who died for our sins.

Second, we pray for Muslims that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to the deceptive teachings of the Koran.  We cannot save anyone—but the Holy Spirit can open eyes and hearts.

Third, every Christian needs to be prepared to truthfully and without compromise, share the gospel message with Muslims when we have the opportunity.  When you look at the rapid growth of Islam with new mosques opening in our community, that opportunity will present itself more and more.

Lastly, we do not give in to fear.  Yes, the threat of radical Islam and terrorism in our own nation will increase.  But ours is not a spirit of fear—rather a spirit of love and hope.  We need to look at things eternally and not just how it affects our life on this earth.  We are sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ when we commit to Him as our Lord and Savior.  We will live with Him in peace for eternity.  Our job while we are here on earth is to share His message of eternal life with those we meet and know.

We are allowing our fear and ignorance to dictate our inaction in reaching out to Muslims and others with the gospel of salvation.  It is time we understand the battle we are in and use the weapons of the spiritual realm to bring Muslims into the light of Christ.  Uncompromising truth, spoken in love, not fear, are our weapons–along with prayer.  God will do amazing things if we remain true to Him and pray for the opportunities and wisdom to share the gospel message.

Our children are growing up in a world of spiritual confusion.  It is time for parents, pastors and leaders to lead the way in truth and love.  We need to dedicate ourselves to spending more time in God’s Word and in prayer.  Because we cannot teach what we do not know.