Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.

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Earlier this week Warren Smith shared his concerns for New Age teachings he believes are infiltrating the minds and hearts of many Americans and some Christians.  When he discussed Rick Warren we knew there would be some strong reactions.  And I want to sincerely thank Chad for sharing his thought with us on the subject of Pastor Warren.

It is difficult to look at an icon like Rick Warren, known as America’s pastor, and share information that is very concerning.  No one can deny that many Christians first learned about a relationship with Jesus through Rick Warren’s church and teachings.  But it is his recent actions and alliances that cause us some concern.  Signing on to “A Common Word Between Us” that seeks common ground between Muslims and Christians is simply wrong.  Muslims believe Jesus is NOT THE SON OF GOD.  This is in direct contradiction to the foundation of our Christian faith.  Nothing good can come from this.

Having teachers at your church who promote New Age spirituality and who partner with others who promote communicating with the dead is simply dangerous and wrong.  And supporting the work of Tony Blair and his global spiritualization movement is dangerous.  As the Word of God says:  “What can light and darkness have in common?”

Chad rightly points out in his email that it is a fine line between being a Watchman on the Wall and a judgmental Pharisee.  Believe me I am well aware of this and spend a great deal of time in prayer and seeking the counsel of strong Christian Pastors and Men of God.  As our Board of Directors here at Q90 FM prayed and discussed airing Stand Up For the Truth, we knew we would be tackling difficult issues.  But we were determined to sound the alarm and share information on threats to our church.  We are also committed to always pointing you to the ONLY SOURCE OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH–The Word of God.

We will continue to tackle challenging issues on Stand Up For the Truth.  And we want your thoughts even when you disagree with the host.  Iron sharpens iron and if the issues we discuss help wake Christians out of our slumber and lukewarm attitude toward our faith, than we are blessed.  We will also encourage you as Paul encouraged and commended the Bereans—to take no man at His word but to always go to the Word of God.  Will I be right on every issue?  I can guarantee the answer to that is NO.  But I will point you to the one who is never wrong—God in His Word.