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When someone would say “I am a Christian” it used to be that it was pretty clear what they stood for.  These days that statement should cause us to dig a little deeper and question just what a person means when they make that statement.

Being a “Christian” these days can range from a strict legalistic stance where people go out of their way to find fault in another all the way over to I simply believe that Jesus is the Son of God and because of that I can do whatever I want.  Please allow me to share what I mean when I say I am a Christian:

I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  I believe he died as a sacrifice to free me from the bondage of sin.  By His resurrection, He conquered death, showing the way to eternal life with God through our re-birth as Born again believers.  I not only believe He is the Son of God, I believe in all He taught.  I am called to obey all he commanded and to pursue a life of holiness, turning my back on my sinful nature.

When I do sin, I should feel a godly sorrow for my sin, rather than just brushing it off and continuing to sin.  I am called to be His light to the world and to be a living example of holiness and life in Him.  I am to be His witness through my thoughts, words and actions.

I believe Jesus will return to judge all men.  Some will be cast into eternal damnation.  And I will be spared not because of my actions, but only by His mercy and grace present because of my faith in Him.

All of us must take our banner of being a Christian much more seriously.  The world is headed into our final days and far too many people have turned their backs on God and His teachings.  There is much work to do and we, who claim to be His children, have to start taking that seriously.  The power of the Holy Spirit can be unleashed through us to reach the lost as we pursue holiness.  But when we behave no differently than the world, we are dishonoring God, causing others to stumble toward eternal separation from Him.  Together, let’s pledge to take our faith in Him seriously, and be bright light and strong salt for him.