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Just where is our nation headed?  We face crushing financial debt, yet we keep spending like drunken sailors.  Morally, we are in a steady decay as witnessed by the television we watch and the music many listen to.  And most, if not all of our major institutions—government, education, business and media—have put out a sign which basically says “God is not welcome here”.

Now none of this should come as a great surprise to us.  Whenever man thinks he knows better than God how things should be run, chaos and destruction soon follow.  Will our nation turn from its ways and restore some semblance of sanity?  I certainly hope so, but sadly I doubt it.  Remember when the Jews asked Samuel for a king?  God agreed to it and told Samuel “It is not you they have rejected, but me!”

Well the United States came along with this radical idea almost 250 years ago—that all rights come from God and that a nation would prosper if it followed God’s laws and teachings.  But now sadly, we seem to have abandoned these principles we were founded upon.  And chaos is ensuing.

With all the ills facing our nation, I think the saddest of all is the fact that the church has basically stood on the sidelines and watched all of it happen.  Somewhere along the line we stopped being the guardian of Godly principles in our nation.  Abortion was legalized—and we stood silent.  Gay marriage is being legalized and again we remain silent for the most part.  We have squandered a great gift from God and now we are paying the price.

Is there hope for our nation?  Yes!  If we turn to God, repent of our sins and ask His forgiveness, He might yet restore us to our once lofty heights.  But I fear as a people our arrogance and pride will not allow that to happen.  As a church, are we willing to lead the charge and submit ourselves before God, asking Him to forgive us as a nation?

But lest we lose hope and become worried or depressed, it is vital we understand that as His children our hope is in Him, not our government or anything of man.  Scripture warns us that man will continue to spiral away from God and evil will grow until God has had enough and sends Jesus back to judge the evil and save the righteous.  Our duty in the meantime is to seek holiness and be the light and salt the world desperately needs.  Do all we can to positively influence our government leaders by our votes and our voices.  But most importantly by our prayers—and by living a life of righteousness worthy of our King.