Bad apples convinced Johnny to join.

Image by A river runs through via Flickr

First, a huge thank you to all of you who write and call with encouragement for the topics we discuss on Stand Up For the Truth.  Virtually everywhere we go, people are coming up and telling us how much they enjoy the show and how it is helping them discern in these challenging times.  Around the nation, people are finding the show and commenting how refreshing it is for a Christian talk show to take difficult stances when much of Christian talk radio has become squishy, “feel good” and shallow.

A common question we get is “How do you determine if you think a Christian leader is teaching something false and misleading since we all fall short and get some things wrong about God?”  The benchmark we use is this:  Is the teacher or leader promoting something that contradicts the nature and character of God according to His Word?  When leaders like Warren, Wallis, McLaren and Hybels embrace finding common ground with a religion, Islam, that denies the deity of Jesus Christ, that line has been crossed.  When McLaren calls the cross “false advertising” for Christianity, denying substitutionary atonement, the line is crossed.  When Rob Bell questions the existence of hell, suggesting all are eventually saved, again that line has been crossed.

It is one thing for us to have disagreements over teachings like the timing of the rapture, speaking in tongues, or what we should eat or drink.   It is quite another to raise doubts about the nature and character of God, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Our goal for this show remains the same:  To help Christians become true Bereans—taking everything you hear to the Word of God for testing.  Don’t take anything we say as absolute truth—that only comes from the Word of God.  So when we share the teachings of Rick Warren; or Jim Wallis; or Brian McLaren with you, research it and compare what they teach to the Word of God.  When we take a stand on abortion and gay marriage, go to the Word of God and see what HE has to say.

And again, thank you for all your prayers, encouragement and support.  We are on an exciting journey together, standing up for God’s truth in a world that so desperately needs it.  And if things start to get tough economically and socially, stay anchored to the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  He is faithful and trustworthy—and His love endures forever.