Praise belongs to the King

First, a big thank you to Dave Wager for sitting in for me the past few days.  I am always amazed at Dave’s ability to take issues we face these days and tie them in with God’s Word to show how there really is nothing new under the sun. 

It was fascinating to listen to Stand Up For the Truth these past couple days as a listener instead of the show host.  As I listened as one of the audience, a couple things stood out to me.

First, we seem to be in a state of malaise as a church in America these days.  We seem more concerned with how the Word of God can improve our lives instead of seeking a deeper intimacy with God by really hiding His Word in our hearts.  It’s like we lives our lives and occasionally check in to see what God has to say—and usually only when we are in trouble.  Maybe one day we will come to understand that God’s Word is the only solution to our issues and problems.  Instead of first trying to figure things out with our human wisdom, and turning to God when that fails—hopefully we will develop the wisdom to turn immediately to Him for the answers we seek.

Second, just how impactful and important this show is.  Not because of the hosts, but because of the real star of the show—the Word of God.  The church has become filled with too many biblically illiterate Christians.  We go through life thinking an hour a week at church and an occasional peek at the Word of God will suffice.  We listen to others give their opinions on God’s Word but take so little time to read it ourselves and seek God’s intimate message for us.  A message of hope; a message of peace; a message of love; and a message of stern warning.  A warning of just how easy even the elect can fall into deception if we are not anchored in God’s Word.

When we started this show, we didn’t worry about the number of listeners or the finances needed—we just decided to obey God’s calling to do this show and leave the results in His hands.  And as usual, he has been faithful.  But tuning in as a listener these past couple days has really encouraged and challenged me.  It has given me a deeper appreciation for the wonderful blessing God has given us to share in His work in these final days.  It has stoked my passion even more, to boldly stand on His Word as false teachings and deception take hold. 

If Stand Up For the Truth has been a blessing to you, I ask you to do something about it—tell your friends to tune in.  Not because the hosts are anything special, but because in these days it is crucial that Christians wake up to what is happening and go to the Word of God as the anchor of truth in their lives.  Big storms are headed our way, and without the anchor of God’s truth, many will be carried away and lost forever.

It took a couple of days away from the microphone for me to fully appreciate what God is doing with this show.  I hope you have been blessed as much as I was these past couple days listening.