I Wonder What the Future Holds?

Spirit guides, meditation, astrology, the “higher Self,” raising the kundalini, praying to gurus,–this once was the lifestyle embraced and lived by our special guest, Marcia Montenegro, a born-again Christian whose fascinating journey out of the New Age is one you’ll want to her and share. Marcia now has a ministry that reaches those still living in the false light of New Age darkness, called Christian Answers for the New Age. We think her website is so rich with helpful resources for Christians that we’ve put a permanent link right on our home page.

Marcia has also written a book for parents, youth leaders and teachers called SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids. With Halloween coming up, many Christian parents have asked us about how to talk to our children about the world’s fascination with the paranormal, and Marcia shares advice on how to do that, how to address cultural influences in popular movies, books and party games, and how parents can take a stand and respond to objections.

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