Astrology is more than the horoscope columns in the newspapers and in magazines, according to  our special guest, Marcia Montenegro, a born-again Christian was once a professional astrologer. Today Marcia will share what she used to teach and explain how astrology is, in fact, an occult practice, rooted in ancient Babylon.

“Astrology is based on the magical belief that the planetary positions at one’s birth time & birthplace reflect that person’s character, lessons in life, challenges, and spiritual path. Most astrologers, like all occultists, believe that since the universe is connected by a mystical force into a supernatural oneness (monism), our intimate journeys can be read in external factors, such as the planets. This belief is stated in the occult expression, As above, so below. It originated, historians believe, when the ancient Chaldeans observed the orderly movement of the planets and assigned them godlike character and powers. The planets eventually were worshipped as gods. Each planet came to be the ruler of certain areas of life. The astrologers, who advised kings and rulers, interpreted the pattern of planets as omens or signs of what was to come.”

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Marcia will also share how children are being exposed to some dangerous teachings through some popular new movies that Christian parents mistakenly believe are “safe” for their children to see. She now has a ministry that reaches those still living in the false light of New Age darkness, called Christian Answers for the New Age. We think her website is so rich with helpful resources for Christians that we’ve put a permanent link right on our home page. Marcia has also written a book for parents, youth leaders and teachers called SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids.