Praying HandsThere has been much debate about the usage of the spiritual gift of healing among Christians. Some believe the gift of healing and some other sign gifts are no longer operative today, while others believe the miraculous gifts are still in operation today. The power to heal was never in the gifted person himself/herself. The power to heal is from God and God alone. Although God does still heal today, His healing through the gift of healing belonged primarily to the apostles of the first century church to affirm that their message was from God (Acts 2:22; 14:3).

Many Christians are looking for physical healing. But do we look for miracles with out seeing our real malady in our sin? True faith is very different from the “magic” that many in false movements are proclaiming, and we need to be very careful about where we put our trust. Ron Pagel, a healing evangelist from Ron’s Healing Journey joins us today to talk about healing and what Scripture says and why the Church needs to be healed.

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