One year in the books…and what a ride it has been! We have talked with former Muslim leaders; men and women who God has delivered from sexual sin; social justice leaders; and every day people God has miraculously touched.

We’ve had a few listeners who insist we are divisive and causing problems for the church—many others who are grateful we are tackling tough issues that have too long been ignored. We knew going in, this show would not be everyone’s “cup of tea”. Some people would prefer that Christians be much more passive and not confront problems when we see them. The only problem is that is not what Jesus tells us to do. He confronted the wrong thinking and motives of the Pharisees, challenging them to live what the scriptures taught and to lead the people in the way of the Word.

I hope the one thing God has accomplished through this show is this: Challenging leaders to wake up God’s people from the state of sleep we have been in. For too long we have been complacent and allowed very subtle lies and half truths to infiltrate the church in America. We have become tolerant of false teachings, lending credence to teachers preaching a false or incomplete gospel. We have become too tolerant of our own sin and the sin of those we are called to lead. We have become obsessed with having “conversations” with nonbelievers instead of lovingly confronting them with the absolute truth of the bible.

People of God, things are changing at breakneck speed. The world we grew up in is undergoing a radical transformation. Our nation is teetering on the brink of social and economic collapse, and I fear the church is ill prepared for this major shift. False teachers are trying to chip away at the truth of God’s Word, leading many into a deceptive state of mind. We have become soft on evangelism and discipleship—and the price we may pay is losing most of an entire generation to the enemy.

This is not a time where we can afford to be passive. It is a time where we have to return to taking the Word of God seriously and observing the signs of the season. It is a time when real leaders must do what is right, not popular. It is a time when each of us who proclaim to be bible believing Christians start lining up our actions with our stated beliefs. War is upon us, whether we wish it or not. Our King is preparing for his return and he is separating his sheep from the goats. A time will come when we each choose who we will worship and fight along side with—the King of Kings—or the kings of this world.

We are blessed to play whatever part God has us playing in this great battle. We will continue to sound the alarm, questioning the lukewarm status quo and calling true believers back to the absolute truth of God’s Word and his true nature and character. And if the world and even the modern day Pharisees are upset, so be it.