About once a week we receive a phone call or comment about how the listener feels Stand Up For the Truth is dividing the Body of Christ.  They are understandably concerned that when we discuss controversial issues within our faith that it can lead to dissension and arguments.  They state how we need unity in the Body, not division.

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My response is always this:  I am all for unity—but unity around what?  Are we to have unity around the movement of Chrislam where Christians seek to find common ground with a religion of the anti-christ?  Should we be united around New Age Christianity that is referring to Jesus more and more as a great teacher rather than the Son of God and the only way to eternal life?  Or maybe unity around the belief of collective salvation where Jesus came so all men would be saved with no one going to an eternal hell?

And quite frankly, the argument that weare causing disunity in the Body is a straw man argument to begin with—because that disunity already exists.  Oh, we smile at our “misled” Brother in public, but privately we go on to share with our friends that we have deep concerns with their beliefs and doctrine.  What I hope we are accomplishing on this show is this:  promoting an honest, respectful discussion on issues that are dividing us in private.  We will continue to take strong stands on false doctrines like Chrislam and New Age Christianity—but on issues like signs and wonders, we all need to take a step back in humility and search the scriptures to see what the Word of God says, so we can discern between authentic works of God and the counterfeit works of the enemy designed to lead many astray.

If a man and his wife are struggling with serious issues and they refuse to have an open, honest discussion about those issues, are they really loving one another?  No!  They are allowing seeds of dissension to be sewn until one day they explode into anger and even hatred.  Their marriage either becomes a relationship void of love and affection, or they decide to divorce—both an affront to God.

If we as Christians refuse to have an open, honest discussion with one another on controversial issues that are important, we do a disservice to one another and to God.  By refusing to confront one another with humility and love on issues we consider important, we are being disingenuous and actually festering more division within the Body.

To think that open, honest discussion done with humility and love will foster division is shortsighted.  To just sit back and not sharpen one another with the Word of God is naïve.  To accept an attitude of “I’m OK, you’re OK” is dangerous—we have been doing too much of that these past 40 years.  How is that working out for the church?