I have to make a confession.  I’m not proud to admit this; but here goes.  I watched the Presidential debates last night.  Two things really jumped out at me watching the bantering and bickering.

First, how our leaders just don’t understand what Islam is all about.  Congressman Ron Paul kept insisting that Iran was not much of a threat, even if they did attain a nuclear weapon.  Paul’s argument was basically this:  The Soviet Union had thousands and never used them because they knew we would retaliate and destroy them, and Iran realizes the same thing.

On the surface this may be a logical argument.  Sane men would not use one nuclear weapon with Israel having hundreds and the United States having thousands.  But these are not sane men running this radical Muslim nation.  The leaders of Iran deeply believe that if they attack Israel and start a major war that this sets the stage for the Muslim messiah to return and destroy every infidel—Jews and Christians.  They believe this as strongly as Christians believe in end times prophecy where Jesus will return in glory.  It would be a fatal mistake to assume Iranian leaders will act rationally if they get nuclear weapons.

The other candidates argued with Paul, but still showed an appalling lack of understanding of radical Islam and how they think.

On a positive note I was encouraged to see that family values and traditional marriage are back on the table for discussion as Senator Rick Santorum argued that America’s problems went beyond economic and were based in our immorality.  We need to hear that message going in to a crucial election this fall.

As we discussed yesterday, three huge decisions could reach the Supreme Court in the next 1-2 years on ObamaCare, abortion and the legal definition of marriage in this nation.  The way the court is split these days the decision will probably come down to one man—Justice Kennedy.  This man will be under intense scrutiny and pressure as his vote may well set the course for the future morality of this nation.

Our nation is truly at a crossroad.  We have strayed from God and continuing straying further with each passing year.  God seems to be offering us a choice—return to him or risk being the instrument of our own moral and economic destruction.  Now is not the time for the Church to sit back idly.  We need to be active socially and politically as the institution charged with keeping the culture in check.

We know that this battle is primarily a spiritual one.  If we care about this nation and the future of American Christianity, I suggest we begin to pray earnestly for our nation and leaders; and that starts with praying for Justice Kennedy.  This man will carry a huge burden in the next two years and will need our prayers.  Pray that God will speak to him and guide him to do the right thing.

Ironic that in a form of government with check and balance systems in place to assure no branch has excessive power, that the moral and economic future of our nation may come down to just one man—one man deciding the future of 300 million people.  Justice Kennedy really needs our prayers.