Apathetic Christianity is a real disease infecting the Body of Christ.  And it is infecting us in several ways.

First, our Christian faith has become something that is incomplete these days.  We come to accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord and think the race is complete.  But becoming a Christian is not the end of the race, it is the beginning.  We are told by Paul to work out our salvation daily.  A work out suggests exercise and commitment, not apathy and laziness.  There is a powerful enemy that seeks to kill and destroy us, robbing us of joy and victory.  And fat, apathetic Christians are an easy target.

Second our faith has become self focused too often these days.  I accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and I’m good to go.  Our attitude toward neighbors and friends seems to be “I’ve got mine, but son you’re on your own.”  Our faith should excite us so much that we want to shout it out from the roof tops and tell everyone we know about this awesome Jesus who has rescued us from eternal damnation.  We should desire that everyone we know learn about the saving grace and power of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.  Instead we horde this pearl of great price thinking if we share it with others, somehow its value will diminish in our eyes.

But I wonder if the real reason for our apathy is a lack of confidence—confidence in our ability to articulate the story of salvation to a world with scales on their eyes.  Afraid if we don’t explain it just the right way, people just won’t get it!  This might come from our own inner knowledge that we just don’t know the Word of God well enough to where we are comfortable sharing it with others.  We are afraid we will be exposed as shallow believers, unable to share the greatest story ever told with those we know—those who desperately need it.

We see Christian leaders like Rob Bell trip all over themselves when given an opportunity to share the good news of the gospel on national television and fear we will look just as foolish if we try.  Well, here are two simple steps to overcome this fear of sharing the gospel:

First, make sure you know the story yourself.  Take time to study the Word of God and understand the basics of the tragic story of man’s fall and the glorious story of how God, needing the perfect sacrifice for sin, took it upon himself to bear that sacrifice.

Second, stop placing too much value on what you bring to the table in sharing the gospel.  Our job is to plant a seed; God’s job is to grow it.  We don’t need the eloquence of a Franklin Graham or Chuck Swindoll—just share the basic story of salvation and share your heart of how God has rescued and changed you—and leave the rest to God.  Check in on occasion and see if the seed is starting to sprout.  If it is, start watering it gently.  That’s all God asks us to do—plant a seed, watch and see if it sprouts, and if it does, nurture it along gently.

If the church as a whole, made up of individual Christians, can wake up from our apathy, things can change.  The church will see real revival, one soul at a time.  God’s family will grow and we will find a renewed zeal to share the gospel with people we know.  A groundswell might just occur where our churches again become filled with strong, committed Christians willing to make disciples of all nations.

Wouldn’t that be something to behold…