Here is a discernment site to bookmark in your favorites. I’m sharing a This and That post from the Do Not Be Surprised blog for your enjoyment. The first article is a little satire to whet your whistle, but I’m afraid the headlines that follow are not to be taken lightly. In fact those are very real and sobering weekly news links of some sad things happening in our world and the Church today.  Be sure to head over to the site to see what other treasures await you:

As April 8 sneaks rapidly upon us, we here at Escalator Church are working furiously to finalize plans for our 2012 Easter Extravaganza. Even though we cannot yet afford to hold services at the local sports stadium, this year’s event promises to rival some of the greatest Easter stunts of recent American evangelical history. No, we won’t be forcing you to wear 3-D glasses throughout the service, and we aren’t so childish as to ask the Easter Bunny to hop up and down the aisles. But we promise that you will be entertained and that you will leave and wander off to Easter brunch feeling wonderful about yourself and knowing that you are special. Oh, and you will also briefly be reminded that Jesus died for your sin and rose again on the third day. Don’t fret, however, we most assuredly will not dwell long on the idea of “sin,” because we know that it would only ruin the bright, sunny mood of this Spring day.

Ladies, it’s well known that an Easter service often causes you to break out the pastels and whites in your wardrobe. While we do not wish to spoil any surprises, we would like to warn you that there is a potential that Silly String and/or “Flying Peeps” will be involved in the service. Escalator Church assumes no liability for any damaged clothing, and will not reimburse any dry cleaning costs that may be incurred. We will, however, offer plastic rain ponchos, and we encourage you to take one and wear it should you be fearful of your Easter best being ruined by any of our activities or illustrations.

Bring your friends, this promises to be the best Easter Extravaganza ever! For now, though, focus on today and peruse your week in review (kind of):

  • Phil Johnson discusses the importance of boundaries.
  • A former elder of Mars Hill Church and his wife have decided to come forward and share their experience of spiritual abuse at the hands of Mark Driscoll and the leadership of this church. Paul Petry’s website shares extensive documentation of his experience, and his wife has written a comprehensive account as well. Sadly, I fear that his story could be echoed by many within similar mega church empires.
  • A California pastor will hold his Easter service at a local mosque. (No, it isn’t Rick Warren, so don’t even bother with that in the comment thread). Ironically, the pastor doesn’t even believe in Jesus’ resurrection, so I’m not sure I see the point of even holding an Easter service…
  • Some of you may have noticed in the comment thread of this post that a special “men only” prayer service was held a couple weeks ago at Harvest Bible Chapel. This post offers some insight into what was said that evening, however it is important to note that the author of that post was not actually present.
  • If you were unable to watch the live stream of the Shepherd’s Conference, video of the general sessions are now online and available here.

Source: Do Not Be Surprised blog