Via The Blaze:

Pastor Jim Wallis’ support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and his leftist inclinations are widely documented. The progressive pastor, who has served as a faith adviser to President Barack Obama, is no stranger to controversy. In an interview that will air nationwide at Lifetree Café locations in the coming days, Wallis made some startling statements about America’s history and heritage.

Lifetree is a weekly, coffee shop-like environment and event series in which individuals come together to explore issues related to God and culture. These events are planned at locations — mainly churches — around the nation and sometimes feature pre-taped videos. In a video to be aired this week, Wallis made the bold claim that America is not a Christian nation.

“It’s not a Christian nation. It’s never been a Christian nation,” Wallis boldly proclaimed while speaking about America. “We set this up so that it would not be a Christian nation for any religious framework.”

But Wallis wasn’t done there. In a preview clip, he goes on to claim that America isn’t mentioned in the Bible as having a “special” or unique place.

“Where in the Bible is there a special place for America?,” he asks. “Where do we get that that’s bad theology…just bad theology.”

The Lifetree Café provides more information about Wallis’ comments and the grander context of the video discussion that they are a part of (you can watch a video preview of his talk here):

An exclusive filmed interview with presidential faith advisor and best-selling author Jim Wallis will be screened at Lifetree Café locations nationwide.

Participants will also hear from long-shot presidential hopeful Joe Schriner, in a filmed interview, about his inclusion of traditional Christian values as planks in his campaign.

This program invites discussion about whether America is a Christian nation, and whether it even matters.

These comments come at a time that the nation — particular faith leaders and communities — is debating about religious freedom and the appropriate role the government should play in private institutions’ operational matters. The ongoing debate about America’s Judeo-Christian roots is one that continues to rage. Wallis’ most recent words will do little more than fuel the associated battles.