Kingdom Circles Diagram

Yesterday we broke the news that one of Saddleback Church’s senior pastors, Abraham Meulenberg, taught about Kingdom Circles – a controversial interfaith teaching tool – this past summer at a Catholic church near Nice, France. (story here) 

We wanted to give the benefit of the doubt and asked the question: Was Paster Meulenberg actually teaching, or were these diagrams left over from a prior lesson, perhaps taught by someone else and left on the white board?

The photos in the gallery below don’t show the pastor putting pen to the wall, but there is a clear progression of diagrams in each of these photos as he is speaking to attendees.

Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio’s Fighting for the Faith program picked this up yesterday and incorporated it into a stunning and all-encompassing summary of what has happened with the King’s Way, the Kingdom Circles and Saddleback’s Muslim outreach in the past few weeks.  If you need to catch up, click on his podcast below the photos and strap on your seat belt.

Click to listen: