Congress Voting Independence, a depiction of t...There can be no doubt that America is at an important crossroad.  Economically, we are drowning in debt as the federal government attempts to become a nanny state and more Americans develop a sense of entitlement.  On the world scene we are trying to manage a potentially explosive situation in the Middle East as Iran seeks nuclear weapons it says it will use on Israel, and Israel considers attacking Iran before it can do so.

And morally, our nation seems to be slipping into an abyss where morality becomes more a matter of personal choice rather than the Word of God.  Religious freedoms of Christians are under attack and it seems that Christianity is being painted as an intolerant religion that wants to impose its brand of morality upon all citizens.

It seems to me that our entire nation is in a state of moral confusion, and Paul’s words in Romans Chapter One seem to apply to our nation more and more each day. We are turning our backs on God as a nation, and he is allowing confusion to spread as more people, even Christians, turn away from God’s Word and establish our own moral code to live by.

So what do we do about this?  Unfortunately American Christians seem to be falling into two camps—and neither of them is doing the right thing.  One camp—the left and right wing dominionists—are trying to take over government and media, thinking they can usher in world peace and stability.  The other camp is choosing to sit this battle out under the excuse that we are to blindly submit to our government since God ordains all authority.

The proper response is to engage the culture and government systems without becoming obsessed with them.  Jesus warned us we were to be in the world but not of the world.  This is not a call to dominionism or passivity—it is a call to affect the culture through our prayers and actions.  We are to be engaged in the fight for life and traditional marriage, and we’re to be engaged in making sure we protect the democratic republic God gave us.

Christians are called to be light and salt to the world—not to try to conquer it or to sit back passively and watch it go to hell in a hand basket.  But much of the church seems willing to concede an inevitable march toward secular humanism in this nation.  We are no better than the world in our attitude of not getting involved until issues hit home personally.  As long as we have our salvation and our way of life, we seem to not care that our nation is looking more like Sodom and Gomorrah with each passing year.  Well, remember the fate of those two cities once God had enough of their immorality.  Are we calling a curse upon our nation as we sit by idly instead of being light and salt to our culture?

If things do not change, we will wake up as a nation one day and not know what hit us.  This nation is creeping closer to chaos as our economy falters, morality is swept away and the real threat of war looms over us.  If the church will not stand in the gap, who will?

Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.  The church in America was given a major challenge and role by our founding fathers—to stand against a culture or government that strayed from God’s principles.  Sadly these days we are not standing up against this new wave of immorality—we are absorbing it as statistics show many Christians behave no differently than non-believers.

As Christians we have a huge role to play in the future of our nation.  Are we willing to stand in the gap for her—or go right down the tubes with her?