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There seem to be a few new wrinkles in the continuing saga of the King’s Way controversy, and it has to do with Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church apparently embracing The Camel Method–what some say is a questionable method Christian missionaries have been using to reach into Muslim world.

One of our listeners sent me a training document from Saddleback that many haven’t seen before. It may help shine a light on how all of these confusing dots are connected. Remember that Rick Warren has denied evangelizing to Muslims in its outreach programs. Also keep in mind that the Isa of the Qur’an is a different “Jesus” than the one the Bible reveals to Christian believers. You can view via this PDF file by clicking here:

The document appears to be from 2007.  We’re still waiting to hear back if this training program was ever officially used and if it is still in place.

It wasn’t long after we first reported about a Saddleback pastor teaching Kingdom Circles (another extremely controversial method of contextualizing the Gospel to Muslims used by the Insider Movement),  that other watchmen and discernment ministries began contacting us to help fill in the blanks and answer the puzzling questions: Why would a King’s Way leader seemingly embrace a method that teaches Muslims that they can be in the Kingdom of God without becoming a Christian?  Is Saddleback using Insider Movement and ecumenical inter-faith projects for a particular goal?

Linked below are several helpful background articles including a new editorial piece from Tamara Heater, a reporter for Right On! Weekly, about Saddleback’s increasingly concerning association with what has become known as Chrislam, the synchronization of Christianity with Islam.  The article features insights from one of our long-time program guests, Elijah Abraham. Elijah is a born-again Christian who was raised as a Muslim in the Middle East and is a wealth of information on the controversial methods a growing number of Christians use to reach Muslims.