As most of you know, our ministry would not exist if not for the “Jim Wallis incident,” so I am sharing this post from Blue Collar Philosophy, an interesting site tracking Christians who support the antics of the Left:


It should surprise no one that President Obama’s supporters from the Christian Left are big fans of the Occupy movement. At a recent gathering of Leftist Christians two leading figures from this movement offer up their praise for the Occupy movement. This is apparently the new Occupy Theology tasked with justifying the goals of the movement with a theological construct. They even have invaded Twitter. Here is Jim Wallis offering up his excitement over the Occupy movement.

And Brian McLaren who is also a big supporter of Obama.

I find McLaren’s use of “the least of these” particularly offensive since he supports a man willing to tolerate infanticide. If the unborn and newly born do not epitome “the least of these” then who does?

As to who would more likely identify with the Occupy movement? I think Wallis and McLaren need to consider who the first Occupier in biblical history was.

With Jesus being used to justify what is going on in our streets, let us not forget who the first radical, the first community organizer, and the first occupier truly was. Figuring this out is rather simple. Just look at who American’s most inspiring radical praised in his book about being a radical. Saul Alinsky gives praise to none other than Lucifer…Did not Lucifer try and redistribute God’s power to himself?…Did not Lucifer organize his fellow angels in a rebellion to try and occupy Heaven?