There is a growing dynamic going on in Christianity as it relates to politics and government.  Jim Wallis of Sojourners was hired in 2004 to help the Democratic Party garner more evangelical Christian votes for democratic candidates.  Now whatever we think of Jim Wallis’ distorted views on Christianity, let’s give him his dues.  He was a major catalyst in the election of Barack Obama, the most openly pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage president in our history.  Wallis and Obama have been so successful that the Democratic Platform this year calls for legal marriage for homosexuals as a federally-protected right.

On the other side, a growing number of what I will call “conservative Christians” seem to be leaning toward disengaging in the political and governmental process of this nation altogether.  The argument is that as Christians we should not worry about the nation or government, and solely concentrate on our personal relationship with God.

I beg to differ.  I believe God inspired our founding fathers to form a human government established on God’s laws and principles.  And for two centuries American Christian churches have sent tens of thousands of missionaries out to every nation in the world.  And our children have been free to grow up and hear the gospel, making a choice of eternal life with God.

Today the citizens of our nation face a huge decision—one that goes beyond taxes or jobs.  The decision is do we continue to be a nation with rights given to us by God?  Or do we cede the moral and spiritual authority of this great nation to men who hate God?  God blessed every one of us by giving us life as Americans—a nation of tremendous freedoms where we could historically worship God publicly and spread the good news of the gospel.  But with freedom comes great responsibility—freedom comes with a cost.  In the coming months we will encourage you to take time to learn where political candidates stand on issues important to God.  Oh and by the way, we are also talking to you who are pastors.  You have tremendous freedom from the pulpit to educate your church members on the candidate’s beliefs—and it is your responsibility to do so as leaders.  If we value the freedom to worship God openly and spread the good news of the gospel, it is time to stand up and be bold.  If we sit back silently we will soon see the day where our churches are neutralized and our religious freedoms in severe jeopardy.

If we care about our youth and those who will soon come into this world, we will not shirk from the responsibilities that freedom demands.  God has given us religious freedom in this nation—and our responsibility is to make sure those freedoms are preserved for the coming generations.  Or would you prefer your children grow up in a nation where Christianity is persecuted, the gospel cannot be preached and sin is determined by the government instead of God?

Choose wisely Christians—God is watching.  We will answer to Him one day for our actions—and for our inaction.