Stories from the Sidewalk

by | Aug 31, 2012 | Podcast

Today we’re talking about life, abortion and how we as Christians can come alongside young women and sometimes even their husbands or boyfriends who find themselves in a crisis and are wondering if they should get an abortion. We’re doing this program today because, yes, we can be active politically and fight for legislation that will protect life. Sometimes Christians think they’re making a difference by carrying signs or sending emails or posting our opinions on social media. But at the heart of this matter is real people who need the assurance that there is a bigger Truth, and a bigger love than they realize.
We’re calling this program, “Stories from the Sidewalk,” because we’re hearing about those sidewalk counselors who boldly and prayerfully meet with abortion clinic patients right there on the sidewalk, hoping that minds and hearts can still be changed, before it is too late. With us in our studio is Pro-Life Wisconsin Development Director Steve Karlen, who not only is a sidewalk counselor himself but teaches others to do this work. Steve just launched a new mobile phone tool for anyone who wants resources at his or her fingertips to help people in need: CrisisPregnancies.Org.

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Not every Christian has a sidewalk. Sometimes it’s a late night phonecall from a niece, or a knock on your door, or a student who stays late after class to talk to you. We encourage you to call in with your own stories at 800-979-9010 during the program, or post your stories below in the comments section.
If you are one of the many men and women who suffer pain and guilt and shame because of the lies that are told by pro abortion supporters, please know that God’s grace is for you. Only He can heal you and offer forgiveness and freedom. That’s because He sent His only begotten son to be crucified for our sins, all sins, including abortion. So if you or a loved one has been through an abortion, there is no condemnation, but healing and wholeness in Jesus. (Rachel’s Vineyard is one such organization that can help people find healing.)