A Time For Real Christian Leadership

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Best of!

Ichthys (Ichthus) Icon for Stub One of the sym...It does not take a rocket scientist to observe all that is going on around us and imagine a day soon when the world and the church may be thrown into chaos.  The Middle East is on the verge of implosion as radical Islam is taking over nation after nation.  Iran has reiterated it will wipe out Israel when it attains nuclear weapons; and Russia has reemerged as a world military power, arming radical Islamic nations intent on destroying Israel.
The world economy hangs on by a thread as Europe teeters on the brink of bankruptcy and here at home unemployment remains very high and our national debt is skyrocketing.  And our federal government is infiltrating businesses and imposing human morality on religious institutions.
As we read the Books of Revelation and Daniel, we know God has foretold the time when evil would rise to power and a one world government and religion would emerge.  The Book of Ezekiel prophesizes a catastrophic war where up to one third of all mankind would be wiped out.
In the meantime we have emergent and social justice “Christians” saying we should not waste our time studying eschatology and biblical prophecy.  Well, I beg to differ.  A time is rapidly approaching when our very freedom as Christians will be threatened and political correctness will pressure us to back off our fundamental beliefs and values as Christians.  These very days Islam is still promoted by our government as a religion of peace and tolerance as Christians are marginalized as hateful.
Now is the time when real Christian leadership is needed.  God is being thrown out of public schools, entertainment and government and one day Christian churches will be faced with a huge decision—to remain faithful to God and His Word—or to capitulate to human reasoning and teachings.  If our Christian leaders are afraid to stand up to blatant sins like homosexual marriage and abortion at a time when they are still free to speak out against them, what gives us any hope they will do so when the pressure of an oppressive government comes to bear?
Leaders think strategically—they play chess, not checkers.  They understand changing conditions around them and plan and anticipate their future moves as circumstances change.  Businesses do it all the time—but I do not see a lot of it going on in the Body of Christ in this nation.  We seem content to eat the scraps that Satan and the government throw our way instead of standing up boldly and unashamedly proclaiming the truth of God.
If we cower in fear now over concerns of offending a Christian who might leave our church or stop supporting our ministry, what makes us think we will react differently when real difficulty comes our way?
As Christians we better wake up to the fact that we are in a spiritual war, whether we want it or not.  The enemy knows his days are numbered and he is ramping up his efforts to spiritually destroy as many as he can before our Lord returns in triumph.  So what do we do about it as rank and file Christians?
First, we dedicate ourselves to daily fervent prayer and reading of God’s Word.  Only by knowing God will we be able to discern the great deceptions being spun as “Christianity” in these final days.
Second, we expect our leaders to act as leaders.  No more avoiding tough issues or refusing to address creeping apostasy that is infecting Christianity in this nation.
And third, we do not act out of fear.  The harvest is ripe and the workers are few—we must commit to working those fertile fields for God, sharing the complete gospel to people who are lost or confused.
Brothers and sisters, calamity might be just around the corner.  Economically, morally and spiritually the world is about to change radically.  Are you ready?  Are you anchored in God’s Word?  Are you prepared if we are forced underground as a true church?  Are you prepared to share the true gospel with neighbors, friends and family when their world is thrown into chaos?
Jesus told us no one knows the exact day of His return—but that we could discern the season of His return by observing the times and actions around us.  The stage is set—are we prepared?