Granger removes "church" from its name

by | Sep 26, 2012 | Best of!

We’ve seen churches remove their denominational labels and even their crosses from their buildings before in order to attract new visitors, but removing the “church” label entirely is something new.  Making a fundamental shift in “how we do church,” the  mega-complex formerly known as Granger Community Church has announced it is dropping “church” from its name.  It’s part of the church’s, er, organization’s new project called The New Normal Project.
The organization’s leaders say that a building, after all, is not the Church, but people are. The leaders announced at its ReInnovate Conference that the new facility will now be known as Granger Commons. Leaders say the decision comes as a result of a vision and strategy to be more missional, and to help their people see their building as merely a “tool” for ministry rather than being the actual “church” itself.
Here is a Granger pastor explaining the change:
I noticed something very interesting in the above video as well as that New Normal Project link. Yes, the social media and marketing campaign is slick. But there is something missing.
The name of Jesus Christ.
Nowhere is He even mentioned. The omission of the Name above all Names leaves a huge, gaping hole.  No Gospel, no redemption, no hope.
Is it possible that I am spitting hairs over something that is not a big deal? Let me know. Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought Jesus regarded His Church as somewhat important.