Today we’re going to be covering something that may be familiar to you: Spiritual Formation. It’s one of those terms that means we are transformed by the Holy Spirit as we journey in this life, a process we hope will make us more like Jesus. But there  is another side to Spiritual Formation; it has been redefined in recent years as a man-centered movement with mystical elements. This more concerning type of Spiritual Formation was introduced largely through a man by the name of Richard Foster, whose influence has seeped into just about every church and denomination in the world.

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Christian comedian “Nazareth”

It’s a very serious topic, but we are going to start our program on a much lighter note today.  We have an opportunity to talk about a local event this weekend interview a Christian comedian coming to our area next month:  Nazareth, a powerful communicator with a timely message. His performance is uplifting, inspiring, and exuberantly positive, with unique insights into the cultures of both the Middle East and his adopted home of America.

In our second segment, we’re joined by James Sundquist of Rock Salt Publishing, and the man behind a site called TheRealPeacePlan.  James is the author of two extraordinary documentaries on the teachings of Rick Warren titled, Who’s Driving the Purpose Driven Church? and Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan Vs Scriptural Teachings on Peace. James contributes to a number of discernment ministries and has done research for Bob Dewaay on the purpose driven and church growth movement and co-authored an article with him titled: “How Rick Warren Is Masquerading As an Angel of Light Transforming Your Church and Country.”

We want to know what you’re hearing about spiritual formation. Is it even on your radar? Is this an entirely new idea to you, or is it something you’ve heard or read about in the past? Have you sat under teachers or been involved with ministries that encouraged spiritual formation? Maybe you’ve even tried some of the techniques and methods yourself?  We want to hear your story in the comments below.