John Hancock CenterA strange title for a jam-packed program today. In our first half hour we’re talking about how to equip the next generation through education, and if you are a parent who has children in the public school system, you’ll want to pay attention. Then later in the program, we’re asking your thoughts on a couple of questions. First, many Christians are talking about sitting out the elections, partly because it’s so negative, and because they believe that God is sovereign anyway and will allow whom He wants to run the government. Here’s a quote we want you to consider:

“God placed KINGS on their thrones, presidents are elected.”

Joining us for this first segment is John Gard. John is an advocate for empowering parents locally to understand the choices they have in the public school system. John is a former Wisconsin state representative and former speaker of the assembly here.  He now consults with School Choice Wisconsin and joins us in studio to talk about what choices parents have.

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There is a meeting this evening for our local listeners. Check out School Choice for Green Bay for more information.