Should Christians Really Sit This Election Out?

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Best of!

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a GOP p...Does God pre-determine who we elect as our leaders—or does He react according to our choices?  As our nation faces a crucial election in less than two months, this subject needs to be addressed and discussed.
To me it is obvious that God does not mandate our choices in leaders, either politically or spiritually.  The theory that God has already pre-determined who will be elected as political leaders flies in the face of the free will God has given man.  We choose what political candidates we want to represent us; we choice which spiritual leaders we follow and where we attend church—God reacts to those choices.
Now God, knowing all things past, present and future knows that any choice we make will not foil His ultimate plans.  God is way out ahead of us on any choice we make.  He knows the appointed day of the return of Jesus to this earth and nothing man does will cause God to panic or change His mind on His ultimate plan for this world and we as His people.
And let’s face it—this presidential election offers us no perfect choices in leaders.  We have an incumbent who claims to be a Christian but goes out of his way to renounce biblical teaching at every turn, pushing for government paid abortion and homosexual marriage—and we have his opponent who is not a true Christian, but instead a Mormon.  By all indications Mitt Romney is a moral man who is a wonderful husband, father and a generous person.  So as Christians we have an interesting choice ahead of us in the presidential election.
Having said all that, I think it is dangerous to disengage from voting all together as some Christians have indicated they might do.  While we are not to become obsessed with life in this world, we are called to be light and salt in it and we are called to be good stewards of this world and nation God has given us.  We have a responsibility to make a choice as to who we think will best lead this nation and continue to provide the freedom of religion we enjoy as Christians.
Having said all that, neither candidate can save this nation.  So even more important than our vote, is Christians praying for our leaders and this nation.  No matter who our next president is, our job as Christians does not change.  We are to proclaim the gospel and be true light and salt to all men as we approach the time of the return of our lord.
So we encourage you to know the candidates and their views—not just on the economy, but on issues truly important to God—abortion and marriage.  Neither of these candidates is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but is our best option really to just sit this election out?  Or do we make the best decision we can as Christians and move forward regardless of the outcome?  And by the way, making no choice of the candidate to support is by its inaction, a choice.
God gives us free will to make decisions—and He reacts accordingly.  And choices do have consequences.  So choose wisely as we vote—but remain confident in God’s sovereign plan and know that nothing that happens will surprise Him.  He will still be on His throne and His plans will not be thwarted.