Today, we’re digging into the news files (and of course our Bibles!), and discover that God is, indeed, sovereign. It all boils down to one question: Do we believe the Word of God is absolute truth, or not? This one question is the big umbrella issue covering the many concerning movements and trends that are taking Christians’ eyes off the ball.

Among the stories you’ll hear about today, Oprah Winfrey Inspired by Islamic and Buddhist Faiths, Admits to Reading Daily Sufi Word, Rick Warren reveals ‚ÄúSingle-Most Important Ingredient” in Saddleback’s growth. and others.

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We’re also continuing our discussion about Mike’s upcoming visit to an open house this weekend at the local mosque. Our listeners are split on whether Mike should attend and ask questions of the Imam (local religious leader) in Green Bay. What do you think?