December 8: Constitution, Church, and Culture!

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If you live in northeast Wisconsin, come hear Dr. Jake Jacobs, Mike Le May, David Fiorazo, three authors with a heart for our church and constitution!
Join us for an informative, inspirational event on Saturday December 8 in Appleton, Wis., at Freedom Project Education. The event will open up at 7 p.m. with a prayer for Christianity in America and the Pledge of Allegiance. All three authors will be speaking from the heart about their books and the current state of morality in our country. David Fiorazo will kick off the power-packed evening sharing about Eradicate: Blotting out God in America. Mike Le May will speak about The Suicide of American Christianity:Drinking the Cool-Aid of Secular Humanism, and Jake Jacobs will cap off this exciting night with his presentation on Mobocracy: The Cultural and Political War to Destroy our Republic Under God.

Get all 3 books for $45 and have them signed!

ABOUT MOBOCRACY: America is under attack. Its institutions and values are under daily assault. But the principal culprits are not foreign terrorists.
They are influential and powerful Americans secretly stirring up disunion and disloyalty in the shifting shadows of the Democratic Party. Read this book. Pray for our country. Teach your children the Biblical principles our founders believed and lived. And support the men and women who are willing to set everything else aside and speak up for the truth.
Semper Fi to the Republic!
ABOUT THE SUICIDE OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY: American Christianity is dying a slow death at its own hands. Instead of positively affecting the secular culture, we are being infected by it under the guise of being “seeker-friendly” and “loving”. Unless we reverse course by embracing the complete, absolute truth of God’s Word and stop trying to redefine God in our selfish human image, only a remnant will remain from a once-powerful church. Do we have the courage to challenge our leaders and ourselves to reject secular culture and its influences? Or will we continue to die a slow death at our own hands as we continue to inhale the cancer of secular humanism?
ABOUT ERADICATE: BLOTTING OUT GOD IN AMERICA: There are identifies two major problems causing the spiritual and moral decline in our country: the secular agenda to blot out God, and the apathy of Christians.
ERADICATE helps you understand, combat and overcome the anti-Christian agenda, apathy in the Church and the decline of morality in culture. With 78% of Americans claiming to be Christians, how did it get to the point where Christianity is having less of an influence on our culture than culture is having on Christianity?
Too many believers have conformed to our culture and we’re now suffering the consequences as a nation.

“Constitution, Church, & Culture” Saturday DEC 8th @ 7 PM –  Appleton at the Freedom Project Education campus.