Entertainment: Should there be a line?

by | Oct 17, 2012 | Best of!

I usually don’t mind some thought-provoking fun or a drama or even some special performances during church services, as long as it points me to Christ.  But as is the trend these days, there are often some very entertaining performances to be had in the Seeker-Driven model that is void of anything whatsoever to do with God, the Bible or, you know, the purpose for taking our families to a Sunday morning service.
Over at A Little Leaven’s Museum of Idolatry, there is an interesting video from a church in St. Louis that combines Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Ghost Busters and positive thinking. Now I did see some Scripture verses being used to make the banshees run screaming off the stage, but I’m wondering what kind of message overall we are sending to those in the audience (i.e. the newer Christians or the unsaved), who perhaps might take this in a way other than what the creative team intended?  And the use of the demonic walking dead, well, that’s another whole hot mess.
But at least it’s entertaining. Here’s the video: