Progressive faith rises, denominational loyalty falters

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Best of!, Podcast

lets pray for peaceAre you loyal to your denomination? A little later today we’re going to talk about a new report out on religion in the United States, and look at why a record number of Americans now say they profess no religious affiliation at all. Is denominational loyalty imploding? If you’ve been a member of yours for awhile, has your denomination undergone some changes? We’re asking you to share with us today by commenting below or going to our Facebook page. You can also email us at Comments@StandUpForTheTruth.Com.
In our first segment today, we’re taking a look at Progressive Christianity. It may not be a denomination, but it definitely is an agent of change sweeping churches across the nation. We’re checking in with longtime guest on Stand Up For The Truth Robert Meyer. Robert is a writer for Renew America, and often covers trends in faith and politics. You can read his articles here.

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